Super Rencontre Villers-Sir-Simon

Began to suspect something was up when I began to find random Stephen King references in the illustrations early on during my first read. Except there is also Chester, a little boy in the house who Simon convinces to help him with his ghost chores. After a while Simon feels guilty about conning Chester and starts to help Chester with his human chores. Sweater from A Nightmare on Elm Street, or Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors simply hiding among the house plants. Because the illustrations are truly fantastic, and the story finds that perfect combination of funny and heartwarming that leaves a lasting impression.

SHARE IT WITH A YOUNG ONE. One who is not at all afraid of seeing a ghost. Are going well in the house, until a kid named Chester shows up and he can see Simon. In the pyramid of haunting, old people are at the top because they sleep all the time. Many people will read this entire book without noticing a single Easter egg, and they will most certainly still love it just as much.

  • After he does that, he has time for his own hobbies.
  • ll be rereading this one, and it could be something to mention next time.
  • stitching, learning French, and even writing a novel.
  • Atkinson wrote that he has wanted to make a ghost story for a very long time.

Sir Simon Spookington has haunted a lot of things in his career but this is his first time haunting a house. Actually very interested in the art of haunting and wishes to lend a hand. Know young Chester was moving into the house with her. The illustrations and the pages organization are truly pretty and original. Oh nooooo he never expected a kid would be around to spoil his plans and bug him.

Always concerned about things that might upset young children. The book is very funny in a droll and deadpan fashion. Until he realizes he can trick Chester into doing his ghost chores.

In fact, a humorous infographic on one page pictures a teenager with a smart phone in his hand. Things are going well in the house, until a kid named Chester shows up and he can see Simon. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Butt cheeks on the back cover! This is a fun story about Chester, the boy who lives in the house, trying to be a ghost and not faring well, then Simon tries to be like a boy and fails miserably.

Very funny and would work great as a read aloud. They discover that they are very different, but they have some things in common and can still be great friends. One of my top favorite picture books of the year, if not of all time.