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The site is most famous for visual art, but there is a surprisingly high number of texts, as well. Please note that we may earn a small commission if you buy something on Amazon through the links seen in this box.

The Internet Archive allows users not only to download digital material but also to upload their own one. Learn a new English word a day with this dedicated, brilliantly designed application for iPad and iPhone. Based on an original work, it usually exists to create values the original work failed to offer. Tips, news, deals, and geek stuff for users of Kindle devices and apps. Amazon, Fire, Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iPad, and more. Created and published by fans of the original work.

Fanfic stories referring to Naruto manga, with a special focus on SasuSaku, are very popular on deviantART. Tag to search the posts, and finally picking up Tumblr posts you want to follow. Ve been going through the stories for some time, and as Tumblr is mostly about visual stuff, you can find here wonderful images or animated gifs in addition to text posts. There are two things that make Kindle Worlds different from all other sites listed here. There are over 800 fanfiction books on Feedbooks.

Fanfiction is any kind of work that is inspired by books, films, TV shows, music, and celebrities. Wanted to include sites where you can find fanfiction for several topics, books, movies, or cartoons. Hub page with lists, picks, and guides that will help you make the most Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019. Million users and hosts stories in over 30 languages. Any kind of work using characters or plot from a book written by someone else, is infringing the copyrights.

Dive into the cutest girly cases and sleeves that are available on the web for the current iPad models. The site is pretty well optimized for mobile browsers, so you can open and read the stories on your tablet or even a smartphone. Step guides, daily deals, and more. Largest short story, fiction, and poetry archive and community. Copyright is the most sensitive issue when it comes to fanfiction. All users are divided into five groups, from owners to watchers. American programmer Brad Fitzpatrick back in 1999.

There are several sites that list stories from single fandoms, like Harry Potter or Star Trek. An American alternative rock band from New Jersey. If you buy an item via this post, we may get a small affiliate fee. Tips, apps, covers, accessories, and fun stuff for users of Apple iPad and iPad Pro, including the latest 2019 models. Hub page with interesting lists, picks, and guides that will help you make the most of Amazon Prime Day 2019.

Commercial archive for the fanfic of all formats, including not only writings, but also graphic art, videos, and podcasts. However, even without being signed in, you can still search and read the stories. At the end of 2012, there were almost 40 million accounts, with up to 2 million ones being active. We have selected the best covers, stand cases, sleeves, and bags from Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. You can read Ebook Friendly not only on a computer, but also a tablet or smartphone. Organized and optimized makes it a very natural choice for users who spend most of their time on mobile devices. Many users are sharing the stories they have published on FanFiction or the Archive of Our Own, and some of these stories are in full length.

What about personalized cases, unique sleeves and bags, popular digital subscriptions, clever stands, or travel accessories? It works in a browser, and is very well optimized for small screens. First, there is no dispute over the legal issues. The site is currently in beta stage, but you are free to read the stories even if you are not a registered user. News and updates about most interesting products, services, and apps from the world of digital reading.

Join us for lists, tips, news and fun stuff about books and reading in digital times. An invitation is required to unlock all user options. Vague rules of counting the generations of Kindle models, we should name them by the year of release. Book, ebook, and audiobook bestseller lists, as well as best books of the year 2019 so far. Harry Potter rules them all, but as I said before, you can find almost anything here. Was being read over 19 million times. Therefore you can find here not only lots of public domain works but also original contemporary stuff. The site is very well organized. On FanFiction you can find stories about almost anything you wish.

While FanFiction is mostly powered by Harry Potter community, Wattpad is more about fanfic inspired by celebrities and comics. Currently, deviantART has over 25 million users. Known fanfiction websites, but also shows ways to find fanfic on social networks and book discovery sites. Topics that often revolve around Asian culture. Project Gutenberg, Europeana, DPLA, Internet Archive, Feedbooks, Open Library, and more. All the best you can get in 2019. Works, followed by Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, and real person fiction. The only exception regarding rights is a content that entered public domain. Monthly audience of over 10 million readers spends here over 2 billion minutes every month.

Based in Toronto, Wattpad is one of the largest book communities on the web, and one of the largest sources of free reads. That you can download and use legally. Ve come up with a list of features a perfect one should offer. Tips, tricks, news, deals, cases, accessories, and guides for users of Amazon Fire tablets, including 2019 models. Is a phenomenon of digital times. Most of fanfic on the net is free.

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Learn about the origins of nine of the most powerful heroines created by the Bard, from Cordelia to Desdemona, to Ophelia. Options to choose from are: new, popular, favorites, and random. Re not going to read all 45 thousand Marvel stories at once, right? Rich Asian fanfiction websites on the Internet. You can also place here your fanart.

They are not included in this overview. The site is still in beta. The works can be placed in more than one fandom. Look any further to start exploring fanfiction stories. Most popular fandoms are Batman, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Narnia. They were translated to 17 languages, and sold over 650 million copies in 95 countries.