Rencontre Cougar Cordes-Sur-Ciel

For music lovers the Classical Music Festival is a must, with concerts held throughout the town in exquisite settings. Cordes is a large and amazingly well preserved bastide with dozens of narrow streets to explore. If you love local art and craft shops then you will be totally spoilt in Cordes.

During the summer months our preference is to park just inside the newer town boundary and head for the central square. Children tend to really love the Jousting Tournaments held on the outskirts of the town where they can cheer on their favourite. In the 1940s Cordes was discovered by a group of artists, a tradition which continues today with around 50 artists living and working here. On the second story is a wonderful scene of a hunt sculpted in stone. Visit to Cordes is an absolute must. For the photographer there are photo opportunities at every turn of a corner as gothic archways frame beautiful timber framed buildings. There are numerous festivals held throughout the season some of which literally take over the town.

Pyrenees countryside makes Cordes one of the most remarkable medieval towns in France. Low cloud and mist often shroud the surrounding valleys and Cordes appears above the mist and seems to float in the sky, bathed in sunlight. The Halle in Cordes is 14th century and has a 13th century well. Other places of interest include the market hall and the original entrances through the fortifications.

There are many designated parking areas in and around Cordes but some can leave you with quite a hike to appreciate the old town. No matter which direction you come from, the sudden sight of the town built high on top of an isolated knoll will always take your breath away. Art du Sucre is an absolute must. None of these is very far from Cordes, all three are quite different from each other, and each of them has a great deal of charm.

This is a huge gate surrounded by two huge towers. Either enjoying a cheap and cheerful lunch under the shade in one of the two central squares or choosing a more sophisticated option in one of the many restaurants available. The tallest of the Gothic buildings with 4 stories.

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This is one of the oldest of these houses and has fine arched gothic windows. Ciel at Ginals is the attractive 12th century Beaulieu Abbey. Season though, you can find quiet times where it is easier to view and appreciate the architecture without the crowds. From here you can pick up the little tourist train which will take you up the back streets and drop you off at the entrance gate to the citadel, then you have the choice to either slowly meander through the old town and back down the steep cobbled streets to your car, or pick the train back up again and get dropped off at your starting point.