Red Dead Redemption Xbox 360

Se7enSins caters to all types of gamers across the globe, aiming to provide access to the latest news, releases, mods and a great deal more. Played the game a bit and still havent added the mods yet but i will give it a shot soon and see how it goes.

Right now i mod GTA and some COD but wondering if there is any menus for RDR or what are some other good games to mod? Quer multijugador, gana una mano forzando a retirarse a alguien con mejores cartas. If you want to see older footage of the mods watch this video also but dont use v2 or v1 files as they are oudated, they work but v3 is more stable and has alot of bug fixes and better mods. This is awarded to those who have had a thread of theirs stickied. Ok sweet man thank you very much! Really checked to see if its all in the correct space yet. The Xbox 360 version of cowboy game Red Dead Redemption runs at 720p, while the PS3 version runs at 640p. Deja inconsciente a alguien en todas las tabernas del juego en el modo de un jugador.

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Descubre todas las localizaciones del mapa en el modo de un jugador. En una partida de Dado Mentiroso multijugador llena, gana sin perder ni un solo dado. Not all my work Glitched matrix had a huge part in it, I just supplied the ALL IN ONE RPF, with edits of mine and fixes, and my own custom content. Mata a 3 jugadores con cuchillos o cuchillos arrojadizos en una partida competitiva. Consigue una medalla de oro en todas las misiones cooperativas. Escopeta en cualquier modo de juego.

En una partida de Dado Mentiroso multijugador, gana cuando solo te quede un dado. Do you already have an account? Horizon for 360 gamesave editing, includes SP and MP mods for RDR. Haz una captura doble 3 veces en una partida de Fiebre del oro.

En una partida de Dado Mentiroso multijugador, gana con una apuesta exacta. Platform discrepancies with the Xbox 360 looking sharper than the muddier PS3 version. That is quite possible like i sad there are people devoloping stuff but nobody is releasing anything. Before you can continue downloading again. Working on current dash and TU for red dead redemption via iso modding, this is v3, and I think my final release for a long time. THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL, WE THANK YOU!

Completa las guaridas de Tumbleweed y Tesoro Azul en el modo de un jugador. Mata a 5 jugadores con tiros a la cabeza en una partida de Tiroteo o Tiroteo de bandas. However if you already have Undead nightmare just download the rpf version and replace it in the game. What are you wanting to mod on rdr? There are save game editors for basic recovery type editing or you can open it in hex and try to find things yourself.

Red Dead Redemption Cheats, Xbox 360

  • en el modo de un jugador.
  • Desbloquea todos los trajes de bandas.
  • tale a un enemigo el sombrero de un disparo.
  • Mata a 25 jugadores con Dead Eye usando al personaje Red.
  • Completa una tarea para una persona.