Plan Cul Sainte-Soline

Soline je ucelený a promyšlený koncept péče o zákazníka, který je časově vytížený a vyhledává nadstandardní servis. Ideja Vam je odlična i lijepo je da se ovakva tradicija čuva i prenosi dalje kroz vrijeme. The principles of oral hygiene are based on the antimicrobial activity of sea salt. Immerse into the fascinating museum of the only ecological saline on the Adriatic. Periodontitis and gum inflammation are caused by millions of bacteria in our mouth, which multiply due to irregular diet or poor hygiene.

With Flower of Salt Nin, which is an unprocessed salt rich in the natural iodine of sea algae. Thanks a lot it was very well guided tour to understand and discover where comes our salt from and how it is produced. It is suitable for everyday use both nutritionally and medicinally.

The solution will flow out through the other nostril, so the irrigation should be done at a washbasin. Diet after the age of one year. The whole saline is a magical museum. You can see here black and white photos from the past, old tools for work, wagons that served as means of transport for the salt from the salt pans to the salt depository, but at the same time you can play an interactive game, see a model of the unique nature reserve and a documentary film, which is played in Croatian, German and English. Pour the solution into an irrigation vessel and shake. Nin salt accumulates at the bottom of the salt pan and the flower of salt remains on the surface, like a fine crystal united with the sea.

Irrigate one nostril at a time by placing the tip of the vessel in the nostril. To maintain the optimal amount of water in the organism, the daily intake of minerals is necessary. At the Nin Saltworks the salt is not produced by the machines. The salt is produced by the sun, sea and wind. The simplicity of preparation permits the use of this therapy at home. The saline tells a story about salt throughout the history, wars, celebrations, love, joy and work. In this way, we want to show and to demonstrate visitors the history of the natural production of white gold. Flower of Salt Nin is in its original form. How: Dissolve 1 gram of flower of salt in 100ml of boiling water.

Le PLAN CUL : Plan cul gratuit et rencontre sexe depuis 1998.

  • During this time many things have changed, but one thing remained unchanged.
  • Náš zájem směřuje za hranice klasického půjčování.
  • Molto bello, abbiamo visito un posto bellissimo.
  • Dive into our history of salt.
  • It is over 1500 years old.

For generations the Nin salt fields have been giving the best of the sun, the Adriatic Sea and the wind from Velebit. It is not produced by the man either. Minerals like zinc and iodine in Flower of Salt Nin improve the health of gums through their antioxidative and antibacterial action.

Luxusní prostředí nového butiku v centru Prahy, bohatý výběr večerních rób, profesionální služby v oblasti stylingu a zaručené soukromí je pro nás samozřejmostí. Visitors will be able to enjoy the guided tours free of charge until late in the evening. Flower of salt is an original, high quality sea salt that provides the optimal absorption and usability of its minerals in a human organism. Vam mnogo uspjeha u daljnjem radu. Over the generations the saline fields from Nin give the best of the sun, the Adriatic Sea and the Bora of Velebit. The salt from Nin is ecological, therapeutic and biodynamic because in its production, besides people, participates diverse wildlife, plenty of beaches and healing mud. Flower of Salt Nin is a product of the metabolism of algae and specific microorganisms.

Tým Soline sleduje vývoj české i zahraniční módní scény, díky čemuž nabídka šatů odpovídá nejnovějším módním trendům. The salt festival is a traditional event that takes place every year in August. Museum and a salt house are part of the Saline. The hormonal activity of the thyroid gland has a direct effect on metabolism and is responsible for normal growth and maturation. Every year we open the doors for visitors in June, July and August. Series of events throughout the day give visitors the opportunity to participate in salt production, from creative workshops for children to traditional salt collection with hands, where all people from 9 to 99 years can participate and a free tour with expert guidance. The salt is just as before gathered with hands with lots of love and joy. Nin salt is ecological, harvested by human hands, completely natural and biodynamic.