Antoinette Marie

Just by existing, a knightly individual that protects her is pulled towards her. Because the debuff success rate and the heal both scale decently with level, it is advised to max this skill second. Louis XVI and his advisers tried to impose a more representative system of taxation, but the nobility resisted. Affects how many critical stars this servant gets when the stars are distributed.

Antoinette, however, is a full head shorter, thanks to an accident, a slice of fate that led to great happiness for all. Male, it is a dead skill. She declined to join her mother Empress Marie Theresa and family in endless renditions of the pizzicato polka. On May 16, 1770, a lavish second wedding ceremony took place in the royal chapel at Versailles. Brother, the Holy Roman Emperor, waited with troops ready to invade France, overthrow the revolutionary government and restore the power of the monarchy and the nobility. Increases own mental debuff success rate for 3 turns. Due to her weak overall NP gain, Marie benefits from Starting NP Gauge greatly if she intends to get her NP off in a timely fashion, or potentially loop it with outside support. Grand Order Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community.

In October 1789, a mob of Parisian women protesting the high cost of bread and other goods marched to Versailles, dragged the entire royal family back to the city, and imprisoned them in the Tuileries. With subpar NP gain on her Arts cards and mediocre NP gain on her Quick and Extra cards, it takes a while to fill her gauge. Head over, and with careful play, the sweet Queen can be a durable, supportive asset. As an absolute monarch Louis preferred to spend his reign with his aristocratic nose pressed firmly into the bosoms of a succession of mistresses.

Similar to her mother, Maria Theresa, she also likes cleanliness. After the fakest tears ever shed on European soil, Antoinette was catapulted off to live in the vast palace at Versailles. He refused to have a mistress and obediently ate his cupcakes when his wife baked them in rich cinnamon and garlic. Main strength is her absurd durability, and her leveling order reflects this fact. Up ceremony, the elaborate preparations, royal audiences, public meals, etc. Overall, she leans very heavily on the defensive end of the spectrum and tends to prefer slower, longer fights. Attention from powdered posers to working on her baking skills.

It has thus been confirmed she was a woman that thought of the people. France celebrated and burnt their furniture in joy. Subscribe for fascinating stories connecting the past to the present. Was the archetypal total Austrian bitch. For these reasons, max this skill first. Week and reviving the tradition of grand balls. Critical, satirical or even boldly slanderous publications.

Her old baking recipes were thrown in her face by the angry Jacobins who now ran France. One of the eight daughters of Louis XV and Marie Leszczynska. At the same time, conditions worsened for ordinary French people, and many became convinced that the monarchy and the nobility were conspiring against them. And who would go on to become Dauphin after the death of his brother in 1789. Made life difficult for King Louis. After the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789, the royal family was forced to live under the supervision of revolutionary authorities.

Only the du Barry figure remains. Devoting her attentions to organising elaborate entertainment at court, keeping to the company of her close friends and shrinking from the pomp and ceremony associated with her position, the queen sank gradually lower in the public esteem and ultimately met a tragic end during the French Revolution. Marie can reliably land her Charm against male targets, maintaining a high success rate even on Servants with high Magic Resistance or other sources of Debuff Resistance. Antoinette improved her poise by balancing a cake tin on her head. Comedy is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Nickname which would stick with her until her untimely demise. Hit AoE NP has decent refund potential. While the values on her heals are merely decent when taken alone, the sheer frequency with which they are applied makes her one tough target.

Off between optimizing healing and landing the Charm. Additionally, her NP provides a teamwide heal and debuff cleanse that supports the team with sustain and consistency, and in the future a small Critical Damage Buff. Though the healing per turn is not particularly high even when maxed out, it adds up and can be active for 5 out of every 6 turns. And longed for a more private life. Lover too, and played the harp. The campaign against Marie Antoinette likewise grew stronger.

The split between queen and court was now irremediable. Everyone hoped the new monarch and his wife would be an improvement. Deal heavy damage to all enemies. Grants self Invincibility for 3 attacks. And containing some strident criticisms of Ancien Régime society, so much so that the king had it banned. Which she was an innocent victim, but which provided a pretext for further slanders. Demand aid to the team to just a high cooldown Charm. Waiting could dress in elaborate costumes and pretend to be milkmaids and shepherdesses.

Despite having a high rank in Riding, her star generation on her Quick cards is still held back by low hit counts. Was a leading minister during the reign of Louis XV, after the death of the Cardinal de Fleury, without ever being named Prime Minister. If there had been a Swedish car available, Marie would have bought a Volvo, or rather had the French treasury buy her one. This article has been featured on the main page. She was soon joined by the Dauphin Louis Joseph Xavier François, born in 1781. We strive for accuracy and fairness. Though she was far from the only wealthy person in France to defend the privileges of the aristocracy.

Antoinette was born an Austrian princess and grew up to be an innovator to fashion and a slave to good food. Louis XVI entrusted her with organising entertainment for the court. Find out more on the website of the Museum of the History of France Palace of Versailles. She was convicted and sent to the guillotine on October 16, 1793. Will provide the maximum passive star generation, while His Rightful Place trades some star generation in favor of Starting NP Gauge. This incident, it seemed to many, was proof that the queen was not just a foreigner: She was a traitor. Army knife, something Joseph said all monarchs should do to help each other. Soothing the masses with a smile, earning adoration with a gaze.

As a special treat for the fallen queen, the guillotine was given a fresh coat of paint. Main damage dealer will get critical stars, while her own QQAAB deck and lack of offensive steroids make it difficult to do good damage with her. In an age of discord where the authority of royalty was being lost, she lost her life to the changes of the world. Basic cards for NP gain and actually provides a chance to get her NP off multiple times in a long battle if necessary. It also benefits the healing received from any other sources as a bonus. Fearing she would soon stuff herself fat with her own cooking, she embarked on a series of love affairs with foreign ambassadors. Louis and his family were caught and now the French decided they were going to chop more than carrots in their political kitchen. Such a mentality as hers is already close to some sort of goddess.

Named Mary, she was the only surviving child of her father and ascended to the Scottish throne when the king died just six days after her birth. The rest of her skills provide a mix of defensive sustain and some utility effects, mostly eschewing offense entirely. Symbolic song about leaving a cake out in the rain. Grace to be reliable anyway, so it has less priority for leveling. October 1793 on what is now the Place de la Concorde. The French Revolution was a watershed event in modern European history that began in 1789 and ended in the late 1790s with the ascent of Napoleon Bonaparte. Arts and Quick cards, which compose the majority of her deck.

Known as the Sun King, lasted for 72 years, longer than that of any other known European sovereign. Were marked by the recurrent rivalry between the Austrian House of Habsburg and the French royal houses of Valois and Bourbon. Playing the flute became a capital offence in France, like not paying your taxes.

Dependent team contributions, it is a shame her poor NP gain hinders being able to actually bestow them reliably without CE or teammate support. An age of great instability for European monarchies. Both of his sons were named Louis, in case one died early. And became a keen player of billiards and cards. Produced around thirty portraits of her. Louis went first, dressed up as a goose if he was going to fancy dress party. He had no idea either, and was horrified when told that he would have to impregnate his wife with his cock. Especially useful for any Starting Master.

Kaleidoscope provides the maximum starting NP gauge, while Imaginary Element is a budget option. Form of enemy control, but it suffers from multiple flaws. In August, another mob stormed the Tuileries, overthrew the monarchy and locked the family in a tower. The one saving grace is that if she can get her NP off, it will provide a fair amount of NP refund and create a moderate amount of stars thanks to being an AoE Quick NP with a decent hit count. Brother Edward VI and the brief rule of Lady Jane Grey, she ascended to the English throne as Queen Mary I in 1553. One of the principal architects of the reconciliation between France and Austria.

Niche choice in case one is banking on her durability through healing. Although a target of hatred by many people during the French Revolution, her reputation has been restored in modern France. Contributes a little more healing and some debuff consistency.